Lattanzi Construction Is My Pick of the Month

Lattanzi Construction

Each month, I like to provide my clients with something I call Brett’s Pick. These are local service providers that I feel may be beneficial to those owning, buying, or selling a home. This month, I’m featuring Lattanzi Construction, a home building company that strives for perfection.

Lattanzi Construction
570 N Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone: (310) 476-8685
Fax: 310.476.8685
Email: [email protected]

Looking at the Details

Some builders do just that – build. Lattanzi Construction, Inc, goes beyond simply constructing a home, working to get every detail right while living up to the highest customer expectations.

How do they reach such lofty goals?

  • Detailed planning process
  • Looking at every detail
  • Making clients their top priority
  • Holding to exacting building standards

20 Years of Experience

One of the reasons that Lattanzi Construction is held in such high regard is their experience. For the past 20 years, they have been building craftsman and luxury homes in the LA area. Not only do they bring this experience to the table, but they also insist on quality workmanship as well as a dedicated team.

When working with Lattanzi Construction, you can rest assured that they only partner with other providers that have the same work ethic and drive for perfection. This has led to lasting professional relationships among both clients and service providers.

Green Lattanzi Construction

If you are looking for a master of green construction, look no further than Lattanzi. Green construction considers ways to conserve energy and reduce a home’s footprint during the building process. To be truly green, a company must start with the design and consider the impact through to the final stages of construction.

Lattanzi believes in being green. Since Lattanzi’s building process is so detail-oriented, they consistenly look for ways to meet green requirements and find new ways to meet their environmentally conscious client’s needs.

If you are considering a new home build on the Westside, or have other real estate needs. Feel free to give me a call. I’d love to help you connect to my extensive network of real estate providers on the Westside.

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