Culver Studios Expansion Brings Amazon Offices to Southern California

Culver Studios Expansion

Although the news about The Culver Studios Expansion is not new, the fact that work has begun is. This expansion of the movie studio will soon house Amazon offices right here in Southern California.

What Is Included in The Culver Studios Expansion?

Located on Washington Boulevard in Culver City, the Culver Studios is on 14 acres and will soon have an additional 413,000 square feet available for rent. This space goes across the old historic structure as well as seven new buildings.

In addition to the new buildings, the expansion also includes:

  • Automobile garage
  • Underground parking for 2300+ vehicles

The Culver Studios expansion is designed by Gensler. In places, the buildings will go up four stories. The spaces will be a mix of studio production spaces as well as office spaces.

Amazon Is Coming To Culver

As renovations are completed, Amazon will begin to bring its LA operations to Culver Studios. The move of 700 employees includes those from the following Amazon divisions:

  • Amazon Studios
  • IMDb
  • Amazon Video
  • World Wide Advertising

The move for these divisions will be complete by 2020.

That is Not All

However, Amazon is not stopping with the move to The Culver Studios expansion project. They have also leased 75,000 square feet of the Culver Steps project. Located adjacent to The Culver Studios, this office space will help expand Amazon’s footprint in the LA area.

Amazon is not the only expansion in town, with rival Netflix joining in. Netflix will be leasing a building in Hollywood and will soon have over 700,000 square feet of space in LA.

With these new offices will come opportunities for homeowners to sell their current homes. Additionally, those relocating will be locating the perfect place to live. If you live on the Westside and have real estate needs, give me a call. I’d be happy to use my years of experience in this market to help you.

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